Lappeenranta Dog Show 19.-20.6.2021

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Notice 16th April 2021
Due to the uncertainties regarding organization of large events during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Show Committee for Lappeenranta Dog Show has unfortunately had to decide to cancel the international dog show in June.

While making this decision, the number of people allowed to gather is still no more than 6 and clear instructions for organization of large events during the upcoming months do not exist. Possible additional restrictions and arrangements for organization of events are not clear either, for instance regarding the possible Covid passport. We do not want to risk the show being cancelled at the last minute, either.

Therefore, we regret the situation since we were very much looking forward to the start of the dog show summer and the first summer show in the history of Lappeenranta dog show.

We welcome you to Lappeenranta in 2022 with a strong belief that the pandemic will be under control by then.

Lappeenranta Show Committee

Notice 12th February 2021
The registration to Lappeenranta dog show is closed until further notice. We follow the pandemic situation and decide about the organization of our event two months prior to the planned dates of the event, in accordance with the current guidelines of the Finnish Kennel Club. It must also be noted that the Regional State Administrative Agency makes decisions about organization of public events for only one month at a time.

In addition to our web site, latest news regarding our show can be found on our Facebook page Lappeenranta Dog Show.

Welcome to Lappeenranta International Dog Show 19.-20.6.2021!
Address: Raviradantie 13 (Lappeenrannan ravirata)

On Saturday 19.6. FCI groups 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
On Sunday 20.6. FCI groups 1, 4, 8, 9, 10

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